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Brownie Batter
Brownie Batter


Author's note: Oh my goodness! Not a Kink Meme Prompt! Well, here's my first non-prompt KKBB fic. Enjoy!

"How are the brownies coming along?" Perry asked, entering the kitchen. He brushed past Harry, patting his shoulder as headed for the fridge.

"Not hard." Harry shrugged, licking his fingers. "I mean, it's just mixing powder and eggs...stirring, but-" he ran his tongue across the back of his hand like a cat. "Goddamn." He then licked his lips, raising his eyebrows. "Messy."

Perry drummed his fingers against his water bottle. "Huh."

Harry laughed a little. "I mean, there's brownie batter on my..." he inspected himself and to his satisfaction, he found some on his elbow. He pointed, looking at Perry.

"Only you could do that, Harry," Perry sighed, his tone flat.

Harry only shrugged again, dipping his finger into the mixture and bringing the glob to his mouth, sucking hard. He released the digit, making a smacking sound. He grinned toothily at Perry, his expression innocent.

"You little slut," Perry chuckled slightly, making his way over and kissing him half on the face, half on the temple. He dipped his own index finger into the bowl and brushed it across Harry's lips. Harry got the message and pressed closer, his face millimeters from Perry's.

"You're a mess." Perry grinned, his voice low, as he brought their lips togeter, kissing away the chocolate. When he pulled back, Harry smiled, lightly running his tongue over his own bottom lip.

The oven timer chimed, signaling it was fully preheated. Neither Harry nor Perry took notice. Harry, still looking at Perry, dipped the tips of all of his fingers-minus the one missing the tip- and rubbed batter on Perry's cheek. He then leaned forward and proceeded to lick it off, his hands-one of them slightly sticky- moving up and down Perry's arms.

As Harry did so, Perry took some more batter on his fingers, somehow neater than Harry, and prodded them into Harry's mouth. Harry smiled around the chocolatey digits, and began to suck on them. Perry manuevered himself in front of Harry, pressing him against the countertop. Harry jumped slightly, his mouth still busy with Perry's fingers, as Perry firmly wrapped his free around Harry's waist and lifted up and onto the counter.

"Per-" he slurred, forcing Perry's fingers out of his mouth. A few of them, anyway. "Perry. No, not here."

Perry removed his hand and replaced it with his mouth. "Fuck, Harry," he muttered between kisses. "You have brownie batter everywhere." He craned his head to lick some off of his cheek. He then lapped at some near his ear.

"Yah, it gets..." Harry tilted his head slightly as Perry's tongue moved around inside of his ear. "everywhere..."

"Everywhere..." Perry echoed in a murmer, absent-mindedly taking some more batter on his fingers and smearing across Harry's abdomen. Luckily, his free hand was holding up and already starting to remove Harry's shirt. He removed the shirt and tossed it onto the kitchen table, and then grinned at chocolate-coated shirtless Harry Lockhart.

"Hi." Harry grinned back. His eyes lowered, following Perry, who knelt down to remove Harry's socks, pants, and underwear.

Harry stopped him midway through the underwear. "Perry," he half sighed, half nagged. "Here? Really?"

Staring at Harry, Perry took the large spoon resting in the bowl and rested it against Harry's outtie bellybutton. It dripped slowly down his navel and between his legs, staining his underwear. Harry watched it, and then looked back at Perry.

"I'm not taking you to bed like that," Perry said, brushing the back of the messy spoon along Harry's torso, painting him with batter. "Nothing gets chocolate out, you know."

"I take it we're not going to be cooking the brownies," Harry said, squinting slightly as he cocked his head.

Perry shook his head, lazily tapping the spoon against Harry's chest. He went to work licking and sucking at Harry, taking as much chocolate with him as he could. Harry breathed and moaned against his mouth and hands, running his own gooey hands across his face and in his hair, completely making a mess of himself. A mess Perry actually found inviting. He normally hated messes.

Sex on a kitchen counter wasn't as easy as erotica and porn made it out to be, and Perry and Harry eventually had to move to the floor, bringing their chocolate with them. Harry, being Harry, expressed his concern about the batter getting all over the cabinet doors and clean floor.

"Only you would say something like that during a blow job," Perry said, removing his mouth briefly.

"No," Harry panted. "It's something only you would say, but I'm just worried in about fifteen minutes you're gonna throw a fucking hissy over the kitchen being trashed."

"We won't be done in fifteen minutes," Perry informed him bluntly. "And, if I must put your mind at ease, I'm okay with the kitchen getting trashed in this fashion." He flicked some damp hair away from Harry's forehead. "Can we get back to what we were doing now?" 

When Harry didn't respond, Perry dipped his fingers back into the bowl, and looking at Harry, wiped it on one of the cabinet doors. Harry snorted and nodded his head. "Sure thing, Boss."


"Man," Harry breathed, snuggling up against Perry, blindly fumbling around and grabbing Perry's shirt to poorly cover himself up. "Now I really could use some brownies."

Perry frowned at him and lightly thumped his forehead. "Are you cold?" He eyed the shirt.

"Yah, the AC cut on about five minutes ago and it's colder than hell in here," Harry muttered.

"Colder than Hell?" Perry rolled his eyes. "Come on." He helped himself and Harry to stand. "I know exactly what this calls for."

"Brownies?" Harry asked hopefully.

"A steaming hot shower," Perry said, making a face as he stared the hand he had pulled Harry up with, which had a gooey smudge on it. "A long, steaming hot shower."





The End...


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who knew brownie batter could be that hot! And of course Harry is adorable. If this wasn't a fill I think it should have been! Well done as always :)

Anyone else really in the mood for brownies now? And hot men . . . my friend and I decided that the way to make awesomesauce is to let hot men have their way with each other in chocolate sauce.

What I'm trying to say is THIS is AWESOMESAUCE!

oooh I must say THAT is the best definition for awesomesauce that I've come across. And I must agree! :D

I like how you have Harry ruining the mood now and then (which I totally think he would do).

"Oh, brownies!" Harmony exclaimed delightedly. "I'm in desperate need of a chocolate fix." She bit into one of the chocolatey squares with her eyes closed and chewed slowly. As she savored her morsel, however, her expression changed to a perplexed frown. "Guys, these are a bit salty..."

Harry turned away, coughing, his face red. Perry turned his Hollywood smile on Harmony and winked.

"Van Shrike family recipe."


Thank you for that addendum. I sporfled.

just dropping in to leave some drive-by love for this! delightful little one-shot. :)

(Deleted comment)
Yah, he was already raising his shirt with one hand. I'm not very good at explaining stuff like that :(
Thanks for the comment! I was hoping it wouldn't ruin brownies for anybody.

(Deleted comment)
I am almost speechless after the browniefest. And I may never eat brownies again without a stupid Harry smile on my face. :?

You continue to rock massively hard. Even when not filling a kinkmeme prompt.

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